Dai Nihon Token Shoko Meikan

大日本刀剣商工名鑑』(刀剣新聞社 昭和17年発行, 2005年 復刻版)は、戦時中の著名刀工や刀剣商の紹介記事、刀剣製作会社や刀工、刀剣商、研ぎ師、鑑定家などの氏名住所などについて書かれた本であり、当時の刀剣界・刀剣事情を知る上で一級資料です。

If you are Gendaito collector or interested in WWII Japanese swords, do not miss this chance to get this book. It was published in 1942 during the WWII and one of the rarest books about showa smiths. This book is the only book showing many unknown swordsmiths at that time with their photos, blade characteristics, and smith histories. This book has the information about 400 Gunto smiths and  manifacture companies in Japan and East Asia during the WWII. It had been out of print and recently only 40 copies were reprinted privately in Japan to be distributed for Western collectors. It has a  good hard cover, about 320 pages, 8.5" X 12" size, and contains many valueable photos as well as oshigata. Limited time offers and shipping cost is $25 worldwide. If you want to see or download the English index, please click here!

Price is $225 including air shipping and *ENGLISH INDEX can be downloaded!